Eye Hospital in Coimbatore   - Details
Sankara eye hospital is one of the leading eye care center in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. We are specialized in lasik eye surgery and laser eye treatments at low cost.

Augenprothese - Glasauge - Kunststoffaugen - Künstliche Augen   - Details
Informationen zu Augenprothesen, Herstellung, Pflege und Umgang mit Glasaugen und Kunststoffaugen, zusammengestellt von einem Mitarbeiter der Augenprothetik Lauscha GmbH. Die Augenprothese und dessen Handhabung sowie Herstellung wird auf dieser Webseite erklärt in Wort und Bild. Die Patientenversorgung mit einem künstlichen Auge aus Glas (Glasauge) ist in einem gut verständlichen Video anschaulich Dargestellt.

Lens Crafters   - Details
Optical Goods Stores

Hoya Lens Of America   - Details
Ophthalmic Goods

Optima   - Details
Ophthalmic Goods

Vision Without Glasses William Bates   - Details
Let your eyes take in the shapes, colors and outlines of things at various distances. He attended Cornell University, graduated and became a teacher and researcher of ophthalmology in the New York area. These eye exercises are customized to relax your eyes and relieve it of the strain and stress caused on it.

Natural Clear Vision   - Details
o Feel the position of the sun, but again, remember not to look directly to the sun. Some people say that poor vision is inevitable and a normal part of the aging process. To the contrary, declining eyesight is very much muscle and stress related.

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